How to Get Rid of Blocked Drains

You may wonder about the solutions if you have clogged drains in Adelaide. You may have heard of Hydro-jets, electric eels and tree roots and are wondering if any of these methods can help clear your drains. You can rest assured that Adelaide Blocked Drains South Australia is here to provide you with the best possible service at affordable prices. This article outlines some of the most common reasons you have blocked Adelaide drains.

blocked drains South AustraliaRoots from garden plants

The most common culprits of blocked drains are garden plants. As they grow, the roots of these plants spread and break through the pipe walls. If these plants aren’t removed before the pipes get clogged, the roots can cause a lot of trouble. For this reason, getting rid of them from the pipe is essential before they get to the sewer system. In addition, roots from garden plants can be poisonous, so it’s best to avoid them whenever possible.

To prevent blockages, you should plant trees that don’t produce large quantities of roots. These trees grow quickly and can hunt for water deep in the ground. Pipes and sewer lines are rich in nutrients; these roots can get through even the smallest space between two pipes. Unfortunately, they can also catch solid particles in the pipe, resulting in a stubborn blockage. Although root killer chemicals can help in some instances, they are not a permanent solution to the problem.

Electric eels

This type of eel kills its prey by stunning it with high-voltage electricity. It does this by curling up, which helps direct the charge to a specific area. As a result, it does not have to put in any extra effort to curl up, so it could still end up with a larger meal than it usually would. This is why they can cause such problems and should be eliminated immediately.


There are several reasons to hire a plumber to clear blocked drains in your home. Traditional methods may be ineffective or even dangerous, depending on the severity of your blockage. Hydro-jet drain jetting, however, has proven to be the best method for unclogging blocked drains South Australia. Its high-pressure water is strong enough to clear tree roots. Compared to traditional drain cleaning methods, hydro-jet drain jetting is safer and more effective than any other drainage method. This process also keeps your pipes and drainage system working better.

Once you have hired a plumber, you must determine where the blockage is located. Adelaide’s plumber must hydro-jet the drain in question if the drain is blocked near the government inspection point. If the drain is blocked inside a customer’s internal drainage system, a plumber in Adelaide will need to open the government inspection point and flush out the entire blockage. This process will require a few hours.

Government inspection point

A plumber must follow the correct procedure if they are called to clear a blocked drain. Plumbers must use hydro jet the drain lines if the government inspection point is not blocked. The procedure involves a plumber completing a claim form and visiting the government inspection point to open the drain. This inspection is essential to the proper clearing of a blocked drain. Plumbers who follow these procedures are ethical and will follow the government’s rules when cleaning a blocked drain.

Usually, a government inspection point is located in front of a property and connects the property to the main sewer infrastructure. It is located close to the property boundary or on a side boundary. Plumbing professionals can access the inspection point by using metal detectors and excavation. They can also use close-circuit television vision to locate water pipes. Once the plumber has located the drain, the next step is to repair the drain.

There are many different ways to fix blocked drains South Australia. Some require chemical drain cleaners, but others can be repaired with DIY methods. Sometimes, you can even use a drain camera to find the cause of the blockage. If you can’t afford to pay a plumber, try these methods to clear a small blockage. Do not flush sanitary products down the toilet; they do not decompose in water and can ravel in pipes.

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