Mens Shoes

The Different Parts of a Shoe

There are many parts to a shoes, but not all are necessary. For example, not every pair of shoes will have the same collar padding. Collar padding is a soft filling that adds comfort around the ankle. Another component is filler, an elastic material used in dress shoes. Both types of filler are important, but not all shoes have them. Learn more about these parts before buying a pair of shoes. Hopefully, these tips will help you choose the perfect pair of shoes. Buy quality shoes at Oh Hi now. 


shoesIf you’re suffering from foot pain, the best solution may be a pair of custom insoles for your shoes. They reshape the foot and realign the body’s proportions. However, they apply pressure in specific areas of the foot, making it uncomfortable at first. But once you learn the proper shape, these insoles will become second nature. Read on to discover the benefits of custom insoles for shoes.

Insoles for shoes are part of the shoes and boots we wear, which is why they’re often referred to as “socks.” Insoles can be made to fit the shoe’s interior or just fill the space. There are different kinds, and each has its unique function. While some are designed for comfort, others are used to avoid back pain or simply fill extra space in oversized shoes. No matter what insoles you use, you should ensure you get one that fits correctly.

Heel height

You need to consider several important factors when choosing the right heel height for you. In general, you should buy a pair of shoes with a heel height that is 4% higher than your normal height. Wearing shoes with heels higher than seven centimetres can be dangerous for your spine, so make sure you choose the right height. Fortunately, there are ways to measure the heel height of your shoes.

To measure the heel height of your shoes, you need a level surface on which you can stand. Use a measuring tape or ruler and measure the distance from the bottom of the heel to the bottom of the shoe. You will find that the heel’s seam line and the shoe’s bottom are almost exactly at the same height. Once you’ve determined the correct height, you can start shopping for the perfect pair of shoes.

Vamp length

You must be aware of the length of the shoes vamp. There are two kinds: high and low. High-top shoes are usually shorter than low-top shoes. Ankle boots are high-vamped shoes that look best with jeans and pants. If you’re unsure what the right length of the vamp is for your feet, read our nine keys to style puzzle for a perfect match. This style guide is free, and you can download it here.

The toe and vamp lengths are vital for proper pointe shoe fitting. If the shoe’s vamp is too short, the dancer may experience difficulty in moving from half-pointe to full-pointe. In addition, they may not be able to go all the way up on the shoe. If you need a long shoe, consider buying one size larger than your normal size. Several companies make pointe shoes of various lengths and widths. Buy quality shoes at Oh Hi now. 

Tongue linings

The tongue lining in a shoe is a piece of fabric or leather inserted inside the footwear. This lining creates a comfortable layer between the shoe’s sole and the wearer’s foot. Most shoes include a lining on the inside to increase comfort and breathability. Additionally, linings increase the lifespan of the shoe. Tongue linings in shoes are not the same as the vamp lining, which covers the front part of the shoe.

When a shoe is not fitted properly, a tongue pad is an effective way to correct this problem. Tongue pads are a good alternative to shoe inserts, which can negatively affect pronation. In addition, the tongue pad helps the foot stay in the shoe and prevents the heel from slipping out. A tongue pad is also a great choice if you wear running shoes, as shoes with a tongue may cause pain to the toes if they are jammed against the shoe.

Leather/suede materials

Suede and leather are two types of materials. Cowhide is the roughest suede type, with very short fibres and a fuzzy, silky feel. It is lighter and stronger than standard leather and is used for shoes and other items. However, suede has its disadvantages as well. Besides being difficult to clean, it can tear easily and doesn’t maintain its shape well. Therefore, suede-made shoes should be bought with caution.

Suede is a naturally porous material, and it will show scuffs and marks more easily than leather. Therefore, it is prone to damage and requires regular moisturizing and protection from the elements. Additionally, suede requires extra care and maintenance because it can get very wet and must be treated frequently to prevent damage. Hence, it is advisable to dry suede-covered shoes when not in use. Buy quality shoes at Oh Hi now.