Vent Free Wall Fireplaces

The vent-free wall fireplace with gas wall fireplace with frame is equipped with the exclusive MIRRO-FILL technology and easy removal of the gas valve. The vent-free wall fireplace comes with the MIRRO-FILL gas valve, allowing easy installation, removal, and re-installation. In addition, this product utilises a patented technology called the MIRRO-FILL, a thermostat installed between the gas wall fireplace screen and your existing gas valve. It guarantees that the gas valve will never turn off because of low gas pressure.

This gas fireplace also has a limited lifetime warranty. You should purchase this gas wall heater from the authorised dealer of the brand of gas valve that you have and not from any other gas valve manufacturer. The authorised gas valve manufacturers usually offer an extended limited lifetime warranty on their products, beneficial for consumers.

To install the Napoleon gas valve, you must remove your existing gas line from your existing gas fireplace. Please do not attempt to install the gas line on your own as it is highly complex and dangerous. Once the gas valve is installed, follow the instructions on the label carefully. You may need assistance from someone who has knowledge and experience in installing the valve. You should never work on an open flame, as the fumes released from the product can be deadly.

Next, you should install the gas wall fireplace insert into the wall fireplace opening. Make sure that the correct side is installed into the flue opening. Then align the burner assembly into place using the provided screws. The burner assembly will be mounted to the back of the vent-free wall fireplace base.

After mounting the burner assembly, you should prepare the gas line by unplugging and plugging the gas line into an approved outlet. Next, attach the gas line to the appropriate nipple on the gas valve. Finally, follow all the instructions included with the gas valve for installation.

Now that your fireplace is installed, you should test the operation of the gas wall fireplace by inserting a match in the flue opening. If the match ignites, the gas is running through the venting system. Set the thermostat to the desired level, and wait for the flame to turn out completely. If the flame is not entirely extinguished, check the heating element. Finally, be sure to clean and maintain your gas wall fireplace annually. Remove any ashes from the fireplace. Turn on the gas valve and add wood to the burning chamber. Turn the gas back on, and enjoy your vent-free wall fireplace.

When purchasing a vent-free wall fireplace, be sure to check the manufacturer’s information. It will provide you with a list of approved manufacturers and models. Also, make sure the model you purchase is UL-listed, which will ensure its safety. You can also buy a fireplace kit, including the vent-free wall fireplace and all the necessary accessories. Finally, if you don’t have a lot of money to spend, consider a pre-made fireplace that comes with all the proper items.

A vent-free wall fireplace is an excellent choice for anyone who has little room for a traditional room. You can install it in any size area with less expense than a traditional wood-burning fireplace. However, if you have ample space, you may want to invest in a custom-designed fireplace.