Considerations before Installing Ducted Air Conditioning

Is it worth the cost to install a ducted air conditioning Adelaide system in your home? This is a question that many people debate, and there is a lot of “fact and fiction” out there. The truth is that air conditioners can be quite cost-effective if they are installed correctly. In addition, you can save money in several different ways if you choose this type of system. In this article, we will look at some of those ways and some other things you should keep in mind before you even decide to install an air conditioning system.

It is costly

To purchase a ducted air conditioning system is far more expensive than just a split unit. However, other additional costs are associated with installing one, such as zoning and a reverse cycle cooling unit, because these are not a part of the basic unit and will likely cost more. Also, this type of unit has to be professionally installed, so you will have to pay someone to do this. Additionally, the whole house cooling option will cost much more because you will need to find multiple zones for the system. In most cases, this will be less expensive to install because there is only one zone needed.

There are safety issues

If you have an older home and are considering installing a ducted air conditioning system, there are safety issues to consider. Since the ductwork is in the attic, there is a good chance that moisture can become trapped in the ducts if there is a problem with the roof. You should be especially careful if your home has plumbing on the second floor since some of the plumbing may be connected to the ducts as well. In either case, you need to verify that any problems with your home are repaired before installing a ducted aircon unit.


How much does it cost? Depending on the size of the unit, it can cost a homeowner anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars to install a ducted air conditioning Adelaide system within their home. Installation is best done by a professional because of the complicated nature of these units. However, many do-it-yourself kits are available for purchase that can be purchased for just a few hundred dollars that make installation much easier.

Although a ducted air conditioning system is more expensive during the summer months, this expense is relatively minor compared to replacing a furnace or air conditioner. Especially in the winter months, a heating and cooling unit can add hundreds of dollars to your bill. For families that are already struggling to make ends meet, adding a unit can be a great way to save money. However, if your family uses an appliance that does not need to be hooked up to the system – such as a hairdryer – you may want to skip the ducted air conditioning Adelaide system and cool the house through the air ducts.

Does this type of system work? Yes, ducted air conditioning systems are quite effective. They work by circulating warm air through the attic, circulated through the house through ducts connected to various rooms. The most efficient systems are set up so that the heat from the central air conditioner can be vented to a specific room, such as the bedroom. Since a fan circulates the air throughout the house, it is less likely to become hot in a particular area.