Tips to Consider When Doing a Switchboard Upgrade

If you’re thinking of upgrading the switchboard in your home, don’t do it yourself! The electrical system in your home is complex and could be dangerous if not done correctly. A licensed electrician has the knowledge and tools to perform the task safely. Of course, you will be saving money by getting the work done by a professional, but you’ll also be doing yourself a favour and saving yourself a lot of time. Here are some tips to consider when switchboard upgrade:

switchboard upgradeSafety switches

While safety switches are not the only way to protect your home, you should still install them. Safety switches are inexpensive but still a significant expense, and you should hire a qualified electrician to install them. The electrician’s fees will vary depending on the size of your building and the number of switches you want to install. You can also use power points as safety switches if you don’t want to replace all your outlets. However, you must consider their size before you invest in them.

The individual circuit safety switch is ideal for securing individual appliances or power tools connected to specific circuits. You can replace your existing power point with one of these switches, which will protect any other electrical wiring or points in your home. This safety switch is best for those who frequently work with power tools. These switches only protect what is directly plugged into them—safety switches on switchboard upgrade.

Ceramic fuses

When you upgrade your switchboard, you may want to consider installing ceramic fuses to improve its safety features. These fuses suspend a wire between two screws and pass it through a ceramic holder wedged into the switchboard. However, ceramic fuses are not 100% effective in protecting your electrical system because their effectiveness depends on several factors, including the type of fuse wire and the rated current of the electrical circuit. Therefore, while these fuses are adequate, you should never rely solely on their ability to protect your electrical system.

When it comes to safety, a modern switchboard is equipped with circuit breakers that automatically shut off power to circuits that have become too large. If you have a ceramic fuse box, it is essential to upgrade it because it is not up to date with today’s safety standards. Using ceramic fuses in your switchboard upgrade could risk electrical shock or fire. Modern switchboards have circuit breakers installed on every circuit, including your home’s electrical system.

Overloaded circuits

If your home is experiencing overloaded circuits on the switchboard, you may need to do a switchboard upgrade. Overloading of a circuit can damage the internal wiring and result in overheating, which can cause an electrical fire. Overloaded circuits can also be caused by several factors, including multiple appliances or systems, water in the ceiling or walls, and too many switches.

An older switchboard may contain asbestos, making it more likely to contain toxic material. Asbestos was used to make electrical insulators, spark arrestors, busbars, and timber meter boxes. Ensure that there are no un-sealed holes on the switchboard, as they may indicate asbestos. If you suspect that the switchboard contains asbestos, you should upgrade the circuits.

Faulty wiring

If you’ve ever noticed an odd smell coming from your home’s switchboard, you’ve probably noticed faulty wiring. If you smell burning, this may be the cause. Sparks, melted or blackened fuses, and an odd odour from your electrical box are also signs of faulty wiring. Either way, you should address the problem as soon as possible. And don’t hesitate to contact a local electrical professional if you notice any of these signs.

Asbestos-containing backing panels

If you’re considering upgrading your electrical switchboard upgrade, you should first check whether the panelling contains asbestos. If so, you should get a new switchboard with a different backing panel, as old ones often contain asbestos-containing backing panels. Asbestos-containing switchboards pose health risks, so it’s essential to have a professional remove the old ones first. Professionals are trained to remove asbestos, so you can rest easy knowing they are safe.

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